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Ayurvedic Treatments

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The warm flowing oil across my forehead in shirodhara was so soothing. After the treatment my mind was very still and the usual chatter had disappeared.  I felt amazing afterwards and slept well for the first time in days.”

There are many types of massages, but what differentiates Ayurvedic massage from the average massage, generally understood to be relaxing or pampering, is that Ayurvedic massage has a much deeper, profound and lasting healing effect on the entire cellular structure of the body. This effect is due to the specific intensity, speed, depth and range of massage strokes and the penetrative quality and blend of oils that are prescribed by a qualified Ayurvedic therapist.

Ayurvedic massage can also form an integral part of a health or detoxification treatment programme and is far more potent in its healing power than commonly realised or expected. As more westerners are turning to detoxification and proven holistic methods originally from the East – discernment and knowledge about Ayurveda is spreading. More people are benefitting from massages that exceed the usual expectations.

The lighter massages (Abhyanga) help balance the mind and nervous system, whilst the more vigorous techniques (Vishesh), serve to stimulate the mind and release deeper-seated toxins.

Himalayan Abhyanga Massage
A authentic Ayurvedic full body treatment.  This style of oil massage is also used at the Deepak Chopra Center. It is deeply relaxing and harmonising, balances the mind and nervous system, chakras and subtle energies. Promoting sound sleep and increased vitality often called reki in motion.
Time: 75 mins
Ayurvedic Vishesh Massage
This unique Vishesh treatment is not often used by many therapists in this way. An invigorating Ayurvedic sports-type massage, done following the Himalayan Abhyanga. A technique that squeezes the muscles, therefore releasing toxins from the body from top to toe which soothes sore, tired or aching muscles after they have first been deeply relaxed.
Time: 1hr 50 mins
Ayurvedas signature treatment is always used within a programme for the deep set  removal of anxiety and stress. An amazingly relaxing therapy following a upper body massage using warm oil on the forehead that calms the mind and gently but deeply releases stress and tension. It enables you to truly let go and clients often reach a blissful, meditative state. For anxiety, stress and times of major life change, a series of three is recommended.
Time: 80 mins
Udvartana Massage
A stimulating powder massage for weight loss, cellulite and detoxification. Localised areas are treated, eg. thighs and buttocks.
Time: 30 / 60 / 90 mins