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A flower

“Loretta is a genuine healer and a premier class masseuse. I have experienced first-hand her application of the ancient Ayurvedic treatments many times, and have seen her practice grow and develop remarkably. I would stress that while her work is genuinely instinctive, this is based on many years of study and practise, which manifests itself in a holistic consultation which lays a solid foundation for future treatments.

I am no saint, and cannot state that I have followed any detox programme for long – however, I always feel rejuvenated following a treatment, as if I have given my body a fine star weekend break. I would not hesitate to recommend Loretta as the genuine article – in a world pf practitioners’ spurious claims for health and happiness, this is the real deal.”

S Chinnery

“Loretta is without doubt the best masseuse I’ve had the fortune to discover. Aside from her exceptional massages, her in-depth knowledge of the body/mind and ongoing dedication as a practitioner, it’s her wholly supportive and healing energy and rare authenticity that makes Loretta’s treatments second to none. I feel blessed to have met her.”

I Hames

“Loretta’s expert consultation and tailor-made detox plan meant I could comfortably achieve the cleansing and detoxifying programme whilst still working, and feeling amazing throughout the two weeks – unlike a lot of other diet plans. The massage treatments – which feel amazing – helped me to relax and further cleanse my body. The valuable legacy of the detox plan is that once you know the basic principles, you can continue to apply a healthy eating plan thereafter. In fact, my skin is still glowing, I lost weight and generally feel much lighter and happier. Overall, Ayurveda is a wonderful system that makes sense and has given me much knowledge I can apply to my life.”

M Zwingermann

“Being a devotee of deep tissue massages, I was surprised at how powerful the Abhyanga technique was. The deliciously scented warm oils soaked into my skin, while Loretta’s magical hands eased the stress and aches from my muscles. The Vishesh massage that followed was also quite a revelation. Using a powerful kneading technique, together with sweet smelling hot oils, Loretta untangled long term knots in my neck and shoulders, and loosed tight calf muscles. Afterwards, I felt both utterly relaxed and invigorated, and my skin deeply nourished from the hot oils.”

H Edmonds

“Following my first consultation with Loretta, I have become much more aware of my lifestyle and the affect the pace of my work, study and socialising has on my mind, body and spirit. Loretta uses her talent, knowledge, instinct and Ayurvedic practice to point out the necessary changes that I have needed to make to my lifestyle and diet.

After making a few simple changes/adjustments, I have noticed my being has changed in a much more positive way. I feel happier, more balanced, and more positive, and my immune system is much stronger. I have experienced which I did not expect; my skin has got clearer and I have not had an outbreak of eczema or cold in 3 months. I would highly recommend Loretta – she has wonderful healing energy and a natural talent in this field.”

N Kelly

“I have known Loretta for nearly 5 years, and her passion and excellence for her craft comes through every single time. She has what can only be described as magic hands, which means that at the end of every visit, I always feel like I’m walking on clouds.

In addition to what can only be described as a gently powerful massage, Loretta’s knowledge of all aspects of Ayurveda means that in her presence you always get a full mind/body/spirit experience, and any stress in the body is instantly eliminated. I would highly recommend Loretta for a stress relieving, rebalancing and rejuvenating experience.”

N Nat

“I’ve been seeing Loretta for massages for a few years now, and had discussed more than a few times my wish to lose some weight and feel good about myself. She suggested the Panchakarma detox plan.

I had a big summer holiday planned, and wanted to lose 14 lbs if I could. So off I went and had a consultation with Loretta, roughly 2 months before my holiday. It was a lot to take on board, but actually when I started the detox itself, it was very straightforward. I felt amazing whilst detoxifying, and never ever hungry. The best part of the programme is the massages – so amazing. I’ve been re-educated about my lifestyle and eating habits, and am still practising the good habits she taught me. I did manage to lose 10 lbs on the programme in 2 weeks, which is incredible, as I have a very slow metabolic rate, so my bikini body was well and truly flaunted!”

M Chapman

“The treatment I had with you has changed my life – I am so much more relaxed, and have learned to relax more too. I’ve started meditating again and focussing on my creativity. You certainly unblocked something. I’m not sure if you realise you have these powers, but wanted to let you know.”

Natasha – Editor “The Trusted Beauty Guide”

“I first went to Loretta for a full body Ayurvedic massage to relieve muscle tension. It was fantastic – not only did it loosen up my muscles considerably, it was incredibly relaxing.

I then discovered she also does facials, using the same technique, As I’m an actress and work mostly onscreen, the condition of my skin is hugely important, and I am always trying to find new and better ways of maintaining it. I can honestly say Loretta’s facials are the best I’ve ever had – my skin is glowing afterwards. I have very sensitive skin, and it loved the simplicity of the products and the intensity of the massage. Loretta really makes the most of the 90 minute facial – when she’s not pampering the face, she’s massaging neck, shoulders, hands and feet! I float out of there feeling super relaxed, with skin that’s plumped and glowing and a few years younger!”

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